[sdiy] Crumar DS2 Problem

elfenjunge at gmx.net elfenjunge at gmx.net
Wed Aug 20 16:25:25 CEST 2003

Hi everyone...

recently i've got hold of a Crumar DS2. After replacing the power 
source, nearly everything seems to work fine. There are just 2 major 
problems left:

- The 2 ADSR doesn't work. it seems like they are all the time in 
sustain mode, because this is the only pot. that works on the filter 
adsr as well as on the volume adsr. the decay pot. from the filter adsr 
acts like a "glide time" for the sustain.

- for the poly section, the keyboard works fine, but for the 2 DCO's it 
seems like the lowest key on the keyboard is hanging. it plays all the 
time the lowest note.

anybody some ideas where to look for the error?

i thought about changing the ic's on the adsr board (theres one board 
just below the adsr pots with 2 euqal ic arrays consiting of  the ic's 
1458, 4066 and 4023) but with the stuck key problem i'm note sure what 
to to, because the poly section doesn't have this hanging sound, so it 
doesn't seem to be a keyboard fault.

i would be happy to get some hints!



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