[sdiy] Re: PNW SDIY Meeting

Scott Gravenhorst music.maker at gte.net
Sun Jun 30 10:34:15 CEST 2002

Apparently, I was not following this thread closely enough (I'm not PNW)...

I've seen this dog sized rodents at the zoo, but never knew about the
toe count being different front to back.

Edu Silva <bahi0387 at terra.com.br> wrote:
>Scott Gravenhorst wrote:
>> Of course!  We always want to see schematics!
>> They aren't posted to a website?
>Yes, of course! Looks very simple, but the parts aren´t so easy to find
>in other countries:
>And if you want to hear the thing before trying to build...
>We can buy kits and prebuilt units here, but foreign orders are not
>accepted...  :-)
>Edu Silva

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