[sdiy] Re: PNW SDIY Meeting

Peter Grenader petergrenader at mksound.com
Sun Jun 30 07:59:05 CEST 2002

on 6/29/02 4:32 PM, John L Marshall at john.l.marshall at gte.net wrote:
'Lucky Man'  strickly prohibited.
> Craig,
> Most of us are in the same boat. Think of this meeting as a source of
> inspiration and encouragement. Until I discovered these groups, I thought
> that I was on my own. Your MOTM is most welcome.
> Complete DIY projects are welcome.
> Incomplete DIY projects are welcome.
> DIY ideas are welcome.
> Kits are welcome.
> Classic modulars are welcome. Please bring your Buchla!
> Contemporary modulars are welcome.
> Analog or Digital modulars are welcome. Anyone have a Capybara?
> Lookers are welcome.
> Good lookers are most welcome.
> Performers on any synth are welcome.
> Take care,
> John
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> Pacific Northwest DIY Synthesizer meeting, July 20, 2002
> See: www.sound-photo.com
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> From: "Craig Critchley" <craigc at nwlink.com>
> To: <john.l.marshall at gte.net>
> Sent: Saturday, June 29, 2002 12:28 PM
> Subject: PNW SDIY Meeting
>> Hello.  I'm planning to attend the Pacific Northwest DIY Synthesizer
> meeting
>> in July.
>> I've only been into this for a little while and don't actually have much
>> done in the way of DIY projects.  (There's one I'd like to have done by
> then
>> but we'll see - life has a way of interfering.)
>> I do have an MOTM system, which I'd be happy to bring, though I don't know
>> if that really counts.  Other than that, I'd probably just be hanging out
>> and seeing what stuff other people bring.  :-)  If it's ok to bring it,
> let
>> me know.  It's a single tabletop rack, 20U high, so I'm not going to take
> up
>> a lot of table space.  Assuming a keyboard to control it, say 4'.
> Probably
>> only one or two outlets, I'll bring power strip(s).
>> Primarily I just want to see what sort of neat stuff people bring, hang
> out,
>> and chat.
>> ...Craig

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