[sdiy] Synth memory chip questions

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Zip is a funky little package closest in kin to SIP except the pins are in a 
zig-zag shape instead of straight inline. Ones I have seen are something 
like .05" spacing--compact for production but not great for DIY soldering 
and impossible to breadboard. They look like frankenstein versions of SIP 
resistor networks.


Has some drawings of the package types



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>I knew it.  I knew it.  This list is great.  I knew someone here would know
>(what I was certain that I did not know).  Thanks for everyone who
>responded.  Of course, I have to admit to more embarrassing question.
>I am looking at packages.  Surely, I know DIP, and SIP, I know ZIF sockets,
>see S0-8, and on and on in parts catalogs.  But, excuse my ignorance, what
>is ZIP?
>Larry H
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>From: Brock Russell <brockr0 at shaw.ca>
>Package. Not guessing because I have a 1986 NEC data book in hand.
>D41256V-15 is a 16 pin ZIP.
>D41256C-15 is a 16 pin DIP.

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