[sdiy] OT: Segway

Dave Magnuson resfreq at hoohahrecords.com
Sat Jun 29 17:15:40 CEST 2002

At 10:35 PM 6/28/02 -0700, John L Marshall wrote:
>There was a presentation on the Segway personal transportation at school
>today. I got to ride it. Super cool.
>Take care,

I installed the air conditioning / dehumidification system at Dean Kamen's
indoor pool (the creator of Segway).  The name he chose is quite fitting...
this is his "segway into other modes of transportation"   He wants to use
the same gyroscopic principles in other vehicles... put them in trains so
they can't derail, have them turn on in aircraft during landing to make
them more stable, etc.

Pretty clever guy... 

Dave Magnuson

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