[sdiy] Flanger???

tpaddock at seanet.com tpaddock at seanet.com
Fri Jun 28 11:00:58 CEST 2002

If you get it working and it's big enough and you 
have an oil furnace or neon sign xfmr, could you 
hook up a jacobs ladder to it? A playable spark 
machine is something I'd like to do, but I don't 
have any way to drive it myself. I wonder if you 
could get a one octave range out of it?

That's almost on topic I think. A harmonicly rich 
tunable waveform source. 
VCS (voltage controlled sparks)?

Or a tesla coil, that's got harmonics.

Or drive a motor that drives something that makes 
noise. Oh, I guess Mr. Hammond already did that.

Sorry for rambling.

Toby Paddock

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