[sdiy] What do I do with this thing?

Ivan Schwartz Ivan.Schwartz at mackie.com
Thu Jun 27 21:16:40 CEST 2002

This is a Cordovox organ which had a Moog Satellite synthesizer built into it.  I remember seeing one of these when I was in high school and it was VERY cool for the time.  Built in phaser and such too.


Search Yahoo using the words "Cordovox Moog" and you should get a lot of info on it.


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> From: 	Joe Ramstrom
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> Subject: 	[sdiy] What do I do with this thing?
> Hello all,
>      I've been lurking for awhile and am now facing a question for which
> I need the list's expertise.   I found a Moog at a second hand music
> shop.  It is marked as a CDX-0-652.  Check out some pics of it at
> www.joeramstrom.com <http://www.joeramstrom.com>  Sorry it is my home
> connection and I pulled the pics right of the camera so please be
> patient.  The story I got from the sales guy is that this organ sat in a
> garage for several years.  Also a family of mice moved in for some of
> that time.  They chewed on many of the wires, some of the caps, and
> defecated generally everywhere.  I've gotten most of the foul stuff out
> but the physical damage remains.  I have NEVER plugged this in.  I am
> sure that I would only do damage considering the state it is in.  
>     I am a Beg-Med talent electronics hobbyist.  I can follow schematics
> and build things that work but I would be greatly challenged to design
> new circuits and have a clue about what I was actually creating.       
>     So the question is what should I do?  Restore it and use it as the
> single instrument it was meant to be?  How hard would that be to find
> replacements on these chips if they are bad?  Or do I part it out into
> modules in a modular?  Again how would I make each of it's pieces into
> modules?  Or is it all a big headache that I should just pass on?  I am
> not currently planning on selling the organ, I would like to do
> something with it.
> Thank you all,
> Joe Ramstrom

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