[sdiy] What do I do with this thing?

Jim Patchell patchell at silcom.com
Thu Jun 27 17:50:29 CEST 2002

    I am not a Moog expert, but at first glance, it seems to be a somewhat
unusual instrument...I would say it would be well worth restoring to it's
original condition.  It looks like it may take quite a while.

    And yes, you may find that some of the IC's are no longer availiable.
That may be the least of your worries at the moment.  Cleaning it up is
going to be quite a challenge.  Cross the IC bridge when you get there.

    My personal opinion is that there is nothing in there worth gutting to
create a new instument.  I would definately make the effort at preservation.


Joe Ramstrom wrote:

> Hello all,
>      I've been lurking for awhile and am now facing a question for which
> I need the list's expertise.   I found a Moog at a second hand music
> shop.  It is marked as a CDX-0-652.  Check out some pics of it at
> www.joeramstrom.com <http://www.joeramstrom.com>  Sorry it is my home
> connection and I pulled the pics right of the camera so please be
> patient.  The story I got from the sales guy is that this organ sat in a
> garage for several years.  Also a family of mice moved in for some of
> that time.  They chewed on many of the wires, some of the caps, and
> defecated generally everywhere.  I've gotten most of the foul stuff out
> but the physical damage remains.  I have NEVER plugged this in.  I am
> sure that I would only do damage considering the state it is in.
>     I am a Beg-Med talent electronics hobbyist.  I can follow schematics
> and build things that work but I would be greatly challenged to design
> new circuits and have a clue about what I was actually creating.
>     So the question is what should I do?  Restore it and use it as the
> single instrument it was meant to be?  How hard would that be to find
> replacements on these chips if they are bad?  Or do I part it out into
> modules in a modular?  Again how would I make each of it's pieces into
> modules?  Or is it all a big headache that I should just pass on?  I am
> not currently planning on selling the organ, I would like to do
> something with it.
> Thank you all,
> Joe Ramstrom

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