[sdiy] ROM burners

Kristian Borgstedt kristian at borgstedt.com
Thu Jun 27 13:06:44 CEST 2002

"The pocket programmer"

Seems like a good deal at $149.95, it also seems to have adapters for most
eproms on the market (a long list at least) although every one of these cost
around $80 apiece...


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> Someone on posted a note regarding ROM images for one of the intermediate
> Prophet 5s.  I've been considering getting a burner to back up the EPROMs
> on my old synths;  also been thinking about building an archive of ROM
> images from as many old units as I can (these things will only keep
> disappearing as time goes on).
> Towards this end, I would like to solicit suggestions as to appropriate
> burners that are currently available, from people who are familiar with
> them, keeping in mind
> 1) I've never used one of these before
> 2) I can't see spending $500 -1000 for one.
> Any advice?
> Thanks.
> ~GMM

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