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__The disadvantage with the PCB mezzanine board approach, is the entire
__faceplate has to be disassembled for service. Don't forget 
__that everything
__eventually needs maintenance.

That's why I do it in SMD. PCB side facing panel has nothing on
it except traces, and they fail close to never. Access to every
part and solder points is the same either with panel or without
it. Actually, I do last changes/fixes with panel already mounted.

__All of these technique are known to be reliable, since there 
__are 30 year old
__modules built this way and still working well today. Once you 
__point to point panel wiring, you will never go back!

Good to know it will last at least 30 years. I was kinda worried
about forces between panel and PCB due to different thermal
dimmension change.
And again I find that what seemed to me as new idea is known
to mankind for decades...


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