[sdiy] OT: how can i make bakelite?

denshi denshiblocks at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 27 10:51:04 CEST 2002

--- harry <harrybissell at prodigy.net> wrote:
> Is is just for retro look or what ?

not at all.  i do have several bakelite radios and
phonographs (thift store finds and inheratance) and i
like the look.  but my main interest is in DIY and
using materials most people have forgotten or moved on
from.  i think thats an attitude most people on this
list can appreciate.  

of course on the other hand i also do DIY because i
dont have the loot to drop on ready made stuff.  and
it seems the process of manufacturing my own bakelite
weights too heavy on the impractical side with my
limited means.  

thanks much for the insights and information!  


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