[sdiy] ROM burners

The Old Crow oldcrow at oldcrows.net
Wed Jun 26 19:29:22 CEST 2002

On Wed, 26 Jun 2002, greg montalbano wrote:

> Someone on posted a note regarding ROM images for one of the
> intermediate Prophet 5s.  I've been considering getting a burner to back
> up the EPROMs on my old synths;  also been thinking about building an
> archive of ROM images from as many old units as I can (these things will
> only keep disappearing as time goes on). Towards this end, I would like
> to solicit suggestions as to appropriate burners that are currently
> available, from people who are familiar with them, keeping in mind

> 1) I've never used one of these before
> 2) I can't see spending $500 -1000 for one.
> Any advice?

  There are several that connect to a PC either by serial port, parallel
port usb or a card adapter.  There are also 'standalone' programmers.  My
recommendation would be something in the single-socket PC-based type
such as a Xeltek Superpro-Z (Digikey lists it at $249).  This URL:


  ...also shows a few other models to choose from.

  One caveat: make sure the programmer you choose can support old EPROM 
types: 2708, 2716, 2732.  Hopefully no one needs data recovered from 1702A 
EPROMs...although I have a device programmer that will support them.  Most 
any programmer will support 2764 (8Kbyte) EPROMs and higher.

  Also, there is the possible need to read programs from microcontrollers
(Korg MonoPoly/Polysix/Trident for example).  You might want to verify the
chosen model does at least support some microcontrollers like the
8048/8049, although I had to make a widget to correctly extract program
data for my old programmer).


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