[sdiy] Starting my next major project...

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Wed Jun 26 05:41:26 CEST 2002

Hi Jim,

I read about your PC mounting woes with Pots. There is a company called A/D 
electronics in WA that sells pots, swithces and jack OEM. Sometimes they 
have stock in USA that you can dip into and avoid having to buy a zillion. I 
used to buy in lots of 100, but if you're making a modular, chances are 
you'll need a lot of the same values anyway. One option is to decide on a 
panel format and go in with a few list members on an order. They sell 
offshore parts in a variety of qualities--I used to buy them at about 20 
cents a pop. Not Clarostat quality, but I never had any major problems with 

I can dig up a catalog if you wish or you can get from them. Let me know if 
you ned their contact info.



>From: patchell <patchell at silcom.com>
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>Subject: [sdiy] Starting my next major project...
>Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 16:38:29 -0700
>     Now that the Mikado is in it's final stages (although, at the
>moment, I am thwarted by the lack of a f^(&@ng Lm7915), I am starting on
>my next project.
>     The goal of this next one is to eliminate the drudgery of building a
>modular.  Right now, I spend a lot more time wiring up the front panel
>than just about anything else.  I was using connectors and crip pins on
>the PC boards, that helped a lot from the way I used to do it, and made
>it so I could easily remove the boards to work on them, but still, I had
>to do a lot of work.
>     I just started working on the first card today, a VCO, the board
>will be about 12 inches by 2.5 inches, and will mount vertically with
>respect to the panel on the Pots and Jacks (the only pot that will not
>be on the PC board will be the 10 turn pitch pot).  I will also be able
>to get more on the panel.  The pots I use right now are spaced 1 inch
>horizontally, and 1.5" vertically.  I will be able to put the pots on a
>1 x 1 pitch grid with the PC board mount pots.
>     The only fly in the ointment is the pots and the jacks....I so far
>have not found any pots that mount at the same distance off the board as
>the Jacks... (I am using the switch craft 112A PC mount 1/4 inch
>jacks).  The pots I have I can fudge a bit...but, if anybody has any
>suggestions, I am open...
>  -Jim
>* Visit:http://www.silcom.com/~patchell/
>*I'm sure glad Merry Christmas comes just once a year
>* -Yogi Yorgensen

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