[sdiy] square LFO options...

Andre Majorel amajorel at teaser.fr
Tue Jun 25 19:33:43 CEST 2002

On 2002-06-25 11:40 -0500, studio271 wrote:

> I'm designing a front panel for a 8-LFO module i created and am 
> wondering what most people would prefer on a mixed system (one 
> using many modules from different sources): a inverted square out 
> (I'm not planning on using negative voltages for audio on this 
> synth, so inverted means when the out is at 10V, the inverted out 
> is at 0V) or an attenuator pot?

What would you think of a duty cycle control ? Because it seems
to me that that would do everything an inverted output does and

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