[sdiy] square LFO options...

studio271 studio271 at mail.ev1.net
Tue Jun 25 18:40:45 CEST 2002

I'm designing a front panel for a 8-LFO module i created and am 
wondering what most people would prefer on a mixed system (one 
using many modules from different sources): a inverted square out 
(I'm not planning on using negative voltages for audio on this 
synth, so inverted means when the out is at 10V, the inverted out 
is at 0V) or an attenuator pot?

If I put the invert out on it, then I'll have to put attenuators 
on just about every in on my synth (which isn't a problem now 
because they aren't made yet)... But if i put the attenuator on, 
will I be missing anything by not including the inverted out?... 
Is that feature really useful in a synth? I know it has some uses, 
but is it anything that would be great sounding?

I seriously only have room for one or the other, so if anyone 
could just tell me whether an inverted square is very useful, 
please say sumthin? thx in advance...


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