[sdiy] Crazy Crazy Floppy give away competition.

John L Marshall john.l.marshall at gte.net
Tue Jun 25 05:24:03 CEST 2002

Why not take the ribbon cables apart and use the wire for wiring your next
module to the front panel. Three strands to each pot. Or, better yet, five
strands to each pot with alternate strands grounded. The wires come
preharnessed with as many wires in a bundle, up to 34, as you wish. I prefer
rainbow wire but the grey stuff costs you nothing. Free is a very good
price, even with unfavorable exchange rates.

Take care,

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> Y-ellow all.
>          Here at Crazy Batz's junk emporium and dust farm, we're massively
> over stocked with floppy cables. We've got big ones small ones, long ones,
> short ones, ones with the old kind of edge connectors, ones with both
> kinds. (Ooo. Kinky?) It's a veritable museum of floppy cables in here and
> they all have to go to make room for more JUNK!
> As seen on eBay for 50 bucks each, these quality cables can be yours for
> free. That's right FREE!. This offer can't last. Get them now before the
> men with the white coats get me. Once in a life time opportunity. These
> cables are suitable for all kinds of floppies and will work with linux,
> wintel and some Babbage engines. As uses by NASA in the space program.
> All you have to do to receive these fine fashion accessories which look
> good with day and evening wear, is compensate me for shipping. But be
> quick, this offer ends when I start taking my medication again.
> Fine print: buyer pays all on road costs, licensing, applicable state
> taxes, and therapy. All products shipped next day by Russian built carrier
> pigeons.
> Be absolutely Icebox.
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