[sdiy] The RIAA Blows.... (fwd)

harry harrybissell at prodigy.net
Tue Jun 25 05:10:52 CEST 2002

Just FYI....

I thought the term "blows" was just a figure of speech, and that
the operant term is actually "sucks" ....   ;^P

H^) harry

Thomas Hudson wrote:

> On Monday, June 24, 2002, at 12:18 AM, Atom 'Smasher' wrote:
> >
> > has anyone thought to include a "copyLEFT" notice on their music?
> > or something that allows any use, free of charge, as long as it's NOT
> > commercial?
> Check out http://www.creativecommons.com
> TH

Jihad Terrorism Conspiracy New World Order
Revolution Black Helicopters Freedom of
Speech First Amendment Rights: Carnivore Bait
go ahead and READ my e-mail I have nothing to
hide... how about YOU ???

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