[sdiy] Old Component Breakdown

Happy Harry paia2720 at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 24 17:29:18 CEST 2002

Hi Takyua:


>(3) is known such as chemical condenser's life span specification.
>JIS standard grade of chemical condenser's life span is 500 hours at 85C
>degree at its rated voltage.
>The life-end of chemical condenser is its "chemical" solution dry-up.

You're going to scare the kids to death...
85C is VERY hot... usually found in high ripple current / high ambient
temperatures that a synth will never see (well... MAYBE if you play
daytime outdoor concerts in Death Valley often).

Capacitor life increases exponentially (close enough) with decreasing 
temperature... and most synth apps are very low ripple current (except
switching power supplies, which we loathe...)  so life should be probably 
10-20 years minimum.

I don't 'shotgun' replace electrolytics... I only replace as they fail. MOST 
will never (well...hardly ever...) fail. If it is mission critical (like an 
aging power supply) then change it.

H^) harry

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