[sdiy] Old Component Breakdown

Takuya KATAYAMA cxh02175 at nifty.com
Mon Jun 24 16:27:55 CEST 2002

Hello Lew and the List!

The life spans of electronic devices is limited by following reasons, ;
(1) chemical stresses
(2) physical stresses
(3) its own limited-life structures

(1) contains environmental gases, such as CO2, SO2, NOx, and the best
(worst) is O2.
Humidity is also in this category.
They invades metallic wiring materials, or other chemical reactions may
cause devices breakdown.

(2) means mechanical stresses, vibration, thermal shock,
thermo-mechanical stress.
Resistors are often killed by thermal and thermo-mechanical stresses.
Radiation rays, such as alfa, beta, gamma, X and other
ionizing/non-ionizing rays causes semiconductors defects.

(3) is known such as chemical condenser's life span specification.
JIS standard grade of chemical condenser's life span is 500 hours at 85C
degree at its rated voltage.
The life-end of chemical condenser is its "chemical" solution dry-up.

Takuya "PATA" Katayama at Muse Music Synthesizer Lab., Japan.

lbuppii at hotmail.com wrote:

> I just replaced the capacitor on the Sine output on my Paia 4720 VCO.
> In thinking about this I was wondering how long components last and
> when they should be replaced. Any of you guys have a any ideas on
> this? Resistors are pretty hearty and normally don't break down. But
> what is the lifespan ( in years) of Caps ( all types), Diodes, Opamps,
> Pots, etc. ?
> Any ideas?
> Lew
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