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Batz Goodfortune batzman at all-electric.com
Mon Jun 24 08:51:23 CEST 2002

Y-ellow B2 'n' all.
         Shame really, you've probably missed it. There was a professional 
Surround sound processor going on eBay recently, Last I looked they were 
asking US$200 but it probably shot up since then. Search for "Surround."

This thing was the kind of processor they use in cinemas. Does everything 
and more. Everything tweak-able and all the known standards in all the 
known universe. Very tasty. Out of my league but a rich kid like you 
probably could have snapped it up. :)

I've just bought a Yamaha amp off of eBay. The guy actually sold me what he 
claimed was a "Prologic surround amp." but it actually wasn't prologic at 
all. As reparations he found me this yamaha thing which just arrived today. 
But what I REALLY wanted was one of those surround sound decoder kits that 
JayCrap were selling a few years ago. They did a deal with dolby labs to 
get hold of the chips to go into these kits and were apparently the only 
kits of their kind in the world. But sadly, they don't sell them anymore. 
Their deal probably ran out. But there must be a few still out there 
somewhere if you keep looking you might get lucky.

Another option, and this was what I was originally looking for, was an old 
AKAI Hi-Fi VHS machine which had Prologic built in. Had all the usual guff 
like hall and cinema and what have you. It had a small-ish stereo amp which 
could be switched between front or rear but it also had all 4 outs at line 
level. A mate of mine had one and it worked quite well as a decoder. What I 
was looking for is one of those that was broken. IE: Chewed video tapes or 
something. Heads shot perhaps? And the killer with this thing is that it 
had a universal learning remote control with it as standard. What more 
could you want?

Nice looking box too. I was thinking I could rip the video crap out of it 
and build something nice into the drive bay.

Hope this helps.

Be absolutely Icebox.

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