[sdiy] The RIAA Blows.... (fwd)

Atom 'Smasher' atom at suspicious.org
Mon Jun 24 07:18:35 CEST 2002

> >all day and night on the net. unless they employ 100.000 people who sit down
> >with headphones and pen/paper, or make some intelligent software that can
> >recognize songs, it sounds to me like one of those laws that is in reality
> >impossible to enforce.
> This is true in theory but they only have to bring down a few to make the
> rest worried. They they'll boast. "We've had a huge success against illegal
> music on the net." Or some similar shit.

the headlines and text will use generous quantities of words like
"pirates" and "hackers".

has anyone thought to include a "copyLEFT" notice on their music?
or something that allows any use, free of charge, as long as it's NOT


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