[sdiy] Aries Keyboard Plans & Schematics

Cynthia Webster cynthia.webster at gte.net
Mon Jun 24 03:07:20 CEST 2002

Hi Group!

I just got (2) Aries five-octave Control Voltage Keyboards
today and am totally tickled!  One of them has been built into
a handsome tolex case, and the other is actually an unassembled
NOS kit - New Old Stock, still in the box with schematics and all
of the boards and parts!  (Except for the wooden case)...

This is a dream come true for me, because I actually had one years
ago, and have kicked myself repeatedly over the years for selling it,
(I know you can relate to this one Jim)!

A very Special thanks to our own John Volanski for arranging the sale

As anxious as I am to heat-up an iron to start building the kit
right now, I think I should run out and find a Xerox machine
somewhere tonight to copy the PCB layouts before stuffing them...

I'll gladly scan the schematics and instructions for anyone interested.

Will anyone here volunteer to host this Aries Modular keyboard
schematics and info on their site?

These are Duophonic CV keyboards with both trigger & gate outs,
and feature a portamento circuit with an unusual panel switch -
between linear or exponential glide.

Naturally I'll be giving them the "Chiquita Treatment" - for use
with my Modcan rig.

Does anyone happen to have the measurements, or a plan or diagram
for the construction of the typical Aries Wooden keyboard cabinet?

While not much of a traditionalist, I think I'd like to build
a pair of original Aries style wooden cases for both of these.

I've seen an Aries catalog on the Electronic Peasant site,
and lots of pictures, but cannot remember seeing the woodworking info?
(A search of "Aries" on the DIY site had lots of interesting info
on the potted exponential converters, but no cabinet info)...

Any ideas appreciated,

Warm Regards!


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