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patchell patchell at silcom.com
Mon Jun 24 01:48:24 CEST 2002

    Yep sure am...I would like to remind everybody...if you have an answer to
a question that pops up here on a regular basis, please send it to me.  I am
going to try to put up the first cut by next week.

    In fact, if somebody could send me the following links, I know they are
out there somewhere.

    There is a webpage detailing the basics of choosing a capacitor to do a
certain job, or at least discusses the characteristics of the various types.

    There is a webpage that discusses OTA's written (I think) by Gene ????? (I
may be wrong on the first name even, but I thought the guy used to work at

    And any other links like the above would be apreciated.

René Schmitz wrote:

> Hi Hallvard,
> thats what I had in mind.
> [Btw, I think a section on bipolar power supplies should find its way into
> the FAQ.
> Jim, are you listening?]
> Cheers,
>  René
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> uzs159 at uni-bonn.de
> http://www.uni-bonn.de/~uzs159

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