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and how exactly are they going to check on all this? even here in our small
country of holland it all works for normal radiostations by either playlists
from the major stations, or on local level they randomly choose stations and
ask their playlists, on which they base the money given to artists.
there already is tons of music channels out there just broadcasting stuff
all day and night on the net. unless they employ 100.000 people who sit down
with headphones and pen/paper, or make some intelligent software that can
recognize songs, it sounds to me like one of those laws that is in reality
impossible to enforce.
i had my own show for years. local amsterdam radio. i recorded it at home,
and put the ra-files of the show online.
otherwise just beat them at their own game.. if all indies join the riaa,
they also can influence the way it's run. most of 'my' labels used to be
'illegal' in the way all the records were pressed in eastern europe and
distributed directly..but now it's all legal, and i do get money from tracks
played abroad, etc.


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> Y-ellow Lava 'n' crew.
> At 11:39 AM 6/23/02 -0700, Moho Disco wrote:
> >I got the impression that if you are an internet radio station at all,
> >unless you have specific written permission from the artists you use, you
> >must pay royalties to the RIAA no matter whether you play big label/RIAA
> >affiliates or not.  Essentially, paying the RIAA for playing independents
> >who will not receive a dime of it.  Somebody please tell me I
> >that part.  I was hoping to submit some music to SomaFM and get it played
> >on there, and now that won't happen.  That's another way it has affected
> >least one independent.
> This is exactly right. Spot on the money. Summed up exactly. But dare I
> it, you're still thinking in the same mode as every clutz trying to make
> big in the music industry. The same old tired model that says I wanna do
> just like the big acts do. I don't wanna insult another indy but snap out
> of it man. Do I really need to spell it out for you?
> Print yourself up a little contract and glue it to the CD. Hell, make it
> part of your cover art if you like. Make the contract say basically. I
> this radio station permission to play my music and wipe their ass with it
> if they so desire. Etc etc.
> Why?
> Because if the fit hits the shan big time and no-one can play anything,
> they'll still be able to play yours! Yeah! If the broadcaster has an
> inventory of 25,000 CDs but only 1000 of those have permission to play
> built in, who's CDs do you think they're going to play?
> Now Imagine right, that every true indy did that. The bill get's passed
> into law. No-one can play this major crap without having to fork over wads
> of cash. Who gives a shit? The only CDs being broadcast are going to be
> indies. You reckon that might hurt the RIAA or what? Everyone send the
> bastards a box of razor blades with a note saying. "When ever your ready
> guys. Just across the jugular and try not to bleed on the carpet OK."
> I saw this happen here in the late 60s. The record companies got together
> and tried to extort royalties from the radio stations. So the radio
> stations put pink tape or paper on all the records they couldn't play. So
> only the "Other stuff" got to air. Took about, oooo Maybe a month before
> the record companies caved in. And the irony was that bands like the
> Mixtures, who you wouldn't probably have ever noticed, were suddenly big
> news. Now imagine what would happen if the RIAA put this shit in law and
> couldn't back out of it even if they wanted to. Man! A truck load a valium
> wouldn't be able to stop me laughing.
> But of course I don't expect any of this to actually happen. The Indies
> won't wake up and the US courts will throw it out anyway. But you can
> always be a good boy scout and be prepared. :)
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