[sdiy] patch matrix

Ken Stone sasami at hotkey.net.au
Sun Jun 23 03:23:48 CEST 2002

How did you go finding the 4416 chips?

I also have a couple of partially assembled oscillator boards, and a couple
of other unstuffed boards left over from my original 3800.


At 07:24 PM 6/21/02 +0100, ian wrote:
>Hi all,
>Thanks very much for the replies - been very helpful.
>I'm actually fairly comitted to building this thing. I've found sources
>for all the old parts (except for the matrix!), and am in collaboration
>with an overseas friend who used to own one and is now building another.
>So, allthough it might not be wise, I'm going to do it! It's a project
>ripe for modding! I have a lot of plans for that already...
>I'll let you know how it goes.
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