[sdiy] The RIAA Blows.... (fwd)

cyborgzero at comcast.net cyborgzero at comcast.net
Sun Jun 23 23:10:53 CEST 2002

----- > I got the impression that if you are an internet radio station
at all, and
> unless you have specific written permission from the artists you
use, you
> must pay royalties to the RIAA no matter whether you play big
> affiliates or not.  Essentially, paying the RIAA for playing
> who will not receive a dime of it.  Somebody please tell me I
> that part.  I was hoping to submit some music to SomaFM and get it
> on there, and now that won't happen.  That's another way it has
affected at
> least one independent.
> Lava

No, thats true. The are adopting an IRS style model whereby the
collect *whenever* music goes from one place to another in *any* form
or format.

The real issue is that this model opens up the ability for LOTS of
abuses, such as charging both the source and the recipient,
*estimated* damages, etc. ALOT like the IRS, in fact, who is allowed
to *estimate* what you owe and force you to pay it. Well, in this
model, the RIAA wouldn't really need proof, just suspicion it seems,
which is ultimately dangerous.

Now, my next question is, why aren't they doing this in China, where
violations run rampant?


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