[sdiy] The RIAA Blows.... (fwd)

Moho Disco moho at mohodisco.com
Sun Jun 23 20:39:35 CEST 2002

At 09:25 PM 6/23/2002 +0930, Batz Goodfortune wrote:
>         Certainly I have no love of the RIAA or any of the other REAL 
> thieves of the music industry but I'm wondering how 'n' hell this relates 
> to independents? Sure the bill as it stands is retroactive and could 
> cause problems for any Internet broadcaster who has previously been so 
> short sighted as to have been playing major record label noise in the 
> past but the RIAA can't touch anyone who hasn't been sucking it's teet.

I got the impression that if you are an internet radio station at all, and 
unless you have specific written permission from the artists you use, you 
must pay royalties to the RIAA no matter whether you play big label/RIAA 
affiliates or not.  Essentially, paying the RIAA for playing independents 
who will not receive a dime of it.  Somebody please tell me I misunderstood 
that part.  I was hoping to submit some music to SomaFM and get it played 
on there, and now that won't happen.  That's another way it has affected at 
least one independent.


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