DX7 programming (Was [sdiy] Steel drum synth)

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Sun Jun 23 03:08:12 CEST 2002

Look for John Chownings book on FM synthesis.

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> Subject: DX7 programming (Was [sdiy] Steel drum synth)
> While we're on the topic of FM and a couple people mentioned operators
> and DX7's, where could I find a good guide to programming the DX7, in
> all the gory detail? I seem to recall some book that was written, but
> I'm sure that's out of print long since. Anything PDF or Web-based
> floating around? I've got one of these machines but could never really
> get the hang of programming it by just messing with it.
> blah..off to bed now..5AM and just got home from a KMFDM show 100
> miles away.
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