[sdiy] Finding the correct IC...

Scott Evans, Gen Mgr esresource at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 21 21:46:09 CEST 2002

At the risk of continuing this discussion without any useful purpose:

CK or CLK=Clock Input
CL or CLR=Clear Input
D=Data Input
J=Renamed "S" Input (see note below)
K=Renamed "R" input (see note below)
PRE=Preset Input
R=Reset Input
S=Set Input
T=Toggle Input

Q=True Output
/Q (notQ)=Complement Output

PRE/CLR can appear on any type of flip flop.

J-K inputs were named after Jack Kilby, the T.I. engineer who invented
the IC.


> >
> >> Whatever "data"
> >>is at the D input at clock time gets transferred to and is held at the Q
> >>>output.
> >
> >Right, it's delayed by the clock :)
> "Delay" is ambiguous using your own logic.  When talking about it to
> another person, simply referring to it as a D type flipflip is
> unambiguous.  Referring to it as a "Delay" flip flop *is* ambiguous
> since a D type is not the only type that is clocked.  And since texts
> differ on the subject, whether D means Data or Delay is irrelevant and
> does not change what the device does.
> >>So if you like Data, great, if you like Delay, great too, just know
> >>what a D flipflop is and what it does and you'll be good to go.

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