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Fri Jun 21 21:39:59 CEST 2002

At 5:58 PM +0000 06/20/02, Scott Gravenhorst wrote:
>What is important is to know what the D type flip flop *does*, not
>what the D stands for.

No one is arguing that :)

>As I said, if you like "delay", fine.  But
>it's probably best to call it a "D flip flop" since that's what
>everyone understands.  You can argue it means "dung" for all I care,
>that does not change what it does in a circuit.

I merely mentioned it parenthetically (literally), and from all of the
evidence I've seen so far, that seems to be the origin of its name.

>>It doesn't seem irrelevant considering the other flip-flops that do not
>>rely on clock inputs don't do that.
>"Delay" is no less ambiguous since a D type is not the
>only clocked type.

It is as far as the original types are concerned.  An SR, T, or JK, by
definition alone, doesn't have that function.

>All clocked flip flops can perform a
>delayed data transfer.

Yes, but all type D are clocked.

>If you say a "delay flip flop", I
>don't know if you mean a D, or a JK connected in any number
>of ways.  If you say "D Flip Flop", I know exactly what you
>mean (which BTW can be a JK connected a certain exact way).

Which is what I called it!!

>"Delay" is ambiguous using your own logic.

No, it isn't, and "data" seems even less of a distintion.

>When talking about it to another person, simply referring to it as a
>D type flipflip is unambiguous.

You are arguing against something I haven't said.  I'm not saying it's now
its name (although it seems that was the case in the past), but I am saying
that is the origin of its name.  To put it another way, I'm arguing
etymology, and you are arguing usage.

> Referring to it as a "Delay" flip flop *is* ambiguous
>since a D type is not the only type that is clocked.
>And since texts differ on the subject, whether D means Data or Delay is
>>irrelevant and does not change what the device does.
>>>So if you like Data, great, if you like Delay, great too, just know
>>>what a D flipflop is and what it does and you'll be good to go.
>>This is true.

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