[sdiy] Steel drum synth

Theo t.hogers at home.nl
Fri Jun 21 16:13:30 CEST 2002

mmm, there is the metal quality to take in account.
Maybe mix in some "bell" harmonics to a square "marimba" base sound.
Assuming you play a c1 note, mix in;
- c2 (a octave up),  loud but with a much faster decay as the base sound.
- the es2 (above the last c), same decay as base sound.
- move a octave up again and  f3 is the next one, again same decay as the
base sound.
Often bells have two un-decimes, one f3 tuned up and one tuned down, makes
them modulate each other.

Filtered squares instead of sines might be worth a try too.

The above using a decay-ing saw for the base sound can make realistic
carillon/church bell sounds that FM can't beat.
(actually DX7 alg. 31 was "made" for this )
As with all  additive programming the right levels and envelopes can make or
break your sound.


From: Tim Ressel <madhun2001 at yahoo.com>y

> Yo,
> Golly I wish I had a working synth. I was listening to
> some steel drums played slowly, and wondered once
> again what the patch would look like. It sounded
> distorted, maybe saw + square mix? Then some filter
> action like someone saying the first part of "ouch".
> Perhaps two sig paths: one BP and one LP??
> Anybody?
> --TR
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