[sdiy] patch matrix

Rick Jansen rja at euronet.nl
Fri Jun 21 00:58:23 CEST 2002

ian wrote:
> ...but I'm having a bit of trouble finding the 30x30 (or perhaps a
> little bigger to allow for mods) patchpoint matrix it requires.

Do you really need 30x30...?

Couldn't you do a diy patch panel made up of a grid of 2.5 mm
connectors, and 2.5 mm jacks? You could put a wire inside the plug,
resistors, or even diodes.

You could also just use short lengths of cable with a plug on both
ends and a grid of 2.5 mm connectors. (These aren't Ghielmetti, but
so-called Spaghetti matrices.)

Mind, the cost adds up quickly, a 2.5 mm connector costs ca.
US$ 0,50 but 30x30 adds  up to $450 in connectors alone...

Rick Jansen
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