[sdiy] Hello! And, Fatman Success

hapybrian at netscape.net hapybrian at netscape.net
Thu Jun 20 04:23:29 CEST 2002


Mostly, I've been monitoring this group for... close to a year
I'd say, and you haven't heard much from me.  Wanted to say howdy,
and tell of my success with the Fatman.  My wife got me one for my
birthday (amazing how dropping hints works so well!).  Upon completing
the kit, I was anxious to test it.  After a few brief moments of
consternation (adjusting the knobs helps), my Fatman started making all
kinds of buzzing, blipping, and warbling sounds.  COOL!  You have to
tune the synth, and the trim-pot for octave 3 was broken (it was a tight
fit, so when I pushed hard the legs collapsed.  I don't suppose that
had anything to do with it...), but after replacing the trimpot,
everything was perfect.

I would recommend the Fatman for anyone with minimal electronics
experience, but who is handy with a soldering iron and wire cutters.

Feel free to view pictures (in construction order):


P.S.  Strange how there's always a few pieces left over when you're
     done building something...

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