[sdiy] Finding the correct IC...

Happy Harry paia2720 at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 19 19:16:55 CEST 2002

>From: media.nai at rcn.com


>SR and D are two different types, although there are type D (delay)
>flip-flops with set-reset capability.

D is for "Data"

>According to the rules (although Harry might have his own ideas :) you are
>not supposed to connect both S and R to the same value at the same time.

Arrgh what's 'Harry' got to do with this one ???   ;^P

BTW you can (on a 4013 with positive set and reset) hold both
S and R low... or move either one to high...

Both high is the "disallowed" state... it will make Q and Qnot
high at the same time.  When you release them... its a race...
the last one "high" wins.

But it does not HURT anything to use the disallowed state... and
I often do if I want to force both Q and Qnot high.

Maybe it should be called a "disliked" state ???

(and so should a BBD...)

H^) harry

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