[sdiy] Top Octave Chips?

adam at hoodmusic.net adam at hoodmusic.net
Wed Jun 19 10:04:14 CEST 2002

    Yup, there was, most recently Tim Ressel did one in a CPLD, at least
worked on it, I do not know if he finished it. And I have been working on
one built up from analog components. So far I have gotten one done with
quad 555 timers. It works nicely, but after awhile the notes drift abit,
but not very much, and sounds nice when its a tad bit out of tune. When I
get ambitious and work on my web page I will put up the info.


"Oren B. Leavitt" wrote:

> Hello all,
> Yes I have, a loooooong time ago...I might still have a datasheet buried
> away somewhere..
> The Mostek 50240s are scarce puppies now.
> Wasn't there a thread a while back about home-brew plug-in replacements
> for them?..
> Oren
> Lothar Cantare wrote:
> > Hey Diy-ers...
> > Has anyone played around with top octave chips before?
> > (S50240)
> > Are they even available anymore?
> > I was just looking at an old book of schematics and
> > thought that might be fun, stacking up lots (30-ish)
> > of these chips, and building kind of an organ/chorusy
> > cheesy thingy. :^)
> > Thanks for any info, L.
> >
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