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Kristian Borgstedt kristian at borgstedt.com
Wed Jun 19 09:07:24 CEST 2002

Hello All,

Havent been on the list for a couple of years, so short introduction before
I start:
Kristian Borgstedt was the name, lives in Stockholm Sweden, makes music with
synthesizers, and also in the recent years build and fix musical gear. I am
also the webmaster of http://www.SynthDIY.com which is as the name says a
site for DIY stuff though not only for synths... It is a bit complex and I
am a technician not a designer, so it can be hard to find stuff... :)

Anyway onto the problem:
I am in the process of building a gate-sequencer, however I do not wish to
use those switches with a pin sticking out of the board, I want to use a
pushbutton-type switch. The problem I have is that I havent found a suitable
one that is on/off, the buttons I have found are those that is on when
pressed, off when not pressed. There is a circuit called Latch (D-type, S/R,
...) that according to a friend can help me with this problem, as it
triggers on a pulse and stays High/low until it is Reset (Set/Reset).
However all the S/R-Latches I have found need ONE pin for SET and ONE pin
for RESET, which equals two... I want ONE pin to do BOTH... does anyone know
of a circuit that can do this for me? Maybe I read the circuit diagrams
wrong I don't know, I am kind of stuck at the moment though....

Thanks in advance,


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