FAQ was: Re: [sdiy] Power Supplies... Whutchugot?...

matti matti at devo.com
Wed Jun 19 03:06:33 CEST 2002

OK. I've culled some relevant posts out of the archives. Thanks Michael B.


Until a critical mass of topics is reached, a good idea for anybody
compiling information might be to drop what is put together someplace
public, and inform the list. Coallation would probably be best put off
until a significant amount of data is collected to ease the process.


On Mon, 17 Jun 2002, patchell wrote:

>     That would probably be a good thing...I know I would never be able to
> remember to do something once a month...but a computer sure could...
> Scott Gravenhorst wrote:
> > If he can't, I have systems that run 24x7 (linux).  A simple cron job could
> > email that once a month or whatever.

Do you picture me more as the, eh, bucking bronco or wild, untamed
stallion type?

You're an overly-beaten dead horse, Matti.

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