[sdiy] What the hell is a Kriminiser?

Rainer Buchty buchty at cs.tum.edu
Tue Jun 18 01:32:58 CEST 2002

> A module was made that synthesized police sirens? Begs one to ask the
> question 'why'.

The book also knows this answer: "For backgrounding radio dramas or disco
shows often appropriate effects are used. A special kind of these are
generated by the circuit described here."

Personally, I'd go for a module generating the sound of a just dieing
Robocop II (just love that sound orgy) or at least a flying "Tron"
destroyer. Even a simple laser zap as in Battlestar Galactica would be ok
(why is it that the Zylons have so much better laser fire sounds?).

But a police siren?



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