[sdiy] What the hell is a Kriminiser?

Peter Grenader pgrenader at mksound.com
Mon Jun 17 18:48:17 CEST 2002

A module was made that synthesized police sirens? Begs one to ask the
question 'why'.

And I thought the Serge Peak & Through was wack!

6/17/02 3:29 PM, Rainer Buchty at buchty at cs.tum.edu wrote:

>> And what does this Criminizer (English) do?
> The "Krimisizer" (as it is spelled in the book) is mainly a module to
> emulate Police sirens. Citing from the 2nd FORMANT book:
> "Almost everyone knows the difference between the 'Tatü Tata'-like siren
> of the European police and the nervous howling, their US-american
> colleagues announce their coming. The Krimisizer can generate both
> sounds."
> It also says: "This module is most likely a supplement which does not
> excite synthesizer purists very much, since these siren sounds the FORMANT
> can also create using LFOs. However, the Krimisizer module allows to
> realize typical police sirens without the need for exhaustive patchwork
> [...]"
> Rainer
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