[sdiy] Excuse me: Krimisizer not Kriminiser

simondu at desert.as simondu at desert.as
Tue Jun 18 00:02:36 CEST 2002

I've read the file again and i've lost in confussion. Certainly, the name is 
Krimisizer, not Kriminiser (that I keep on thinking is a better name for a 
synth module).

The Krimisizer has three pots: Freq, Amp Mod, and Freq Mod with their 
respective switches to set them Hi or Low and an output (no input found on the 
panel). The block diagram reveals a multivibrator feding an integrator (plus 
lpf) and finally a vco, in order to create 2 kinds of sirene (I think). The 
text also talks about the european police and a disco show.

But Kriminiser is a more powerfull name. I don't know what would do a module 
with such a name, i'll think about it all day long.

(the .as domain is from a land called Analog Synthesizers, it is not far from 
here. You can also find it on nameplanet.com webmail server)

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