[sdiy] Son of Frankensynth final picts

Peter Grenader pgrenader at mksound.com
Mon Jun 17 14:36:53 CEST 2002

Bruthuhs and Sistuhs,

I have (finally) posted photos of what my synth project has become.  Go


It is so close to being totally completed, the fat lady is cleaering her
throat and in her final yoga poses.  All that remains (outside of designing
dome of ths stuff which will go in the blank panel in row 1, which was
intended as a phase two deal) is to mount some of the homebrew stuff into
the panel.  The circuits are all done, I just have some fit issues to think

There are close-up pictures of whatr I did to the Blacet modules, which I
had to do custom faceplates for to conform to the 128.5mm height standard of
Doe/Analogue Solutions/Analog Systems and to cut down the width of some of
the mosules to I could squeeze more in.  There are also pictures of the
homebrw stuff, including the sequencer I bugged so many of you about.

There is a prize for the person who finds all of the artwork errors I made.

These faceplates were done by an outfit in MO for $68 each and are anaodized
photosensitive aluminum.  This price didn't include drilling as I had no way
of generating gerber data.

I apologize is any of you get this in duplicate as I am sending it to a
number of lists.

OK, lemme have it.


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