[sdiy] Dual quantizer design on the web

John Speth JohnS at molectron.com
Mon Jun 17 18:41:02 CEST 2002

If anyone is interested in my dual quantizer design, please look at
http://www.hevanet.com/jspeth/DualQuantizer.htm.  I implemented this on a
MOTM breadboard but it can be done on any form factor.  Paul Schreiber (Mr
MOTM) has offered many useful criticisms but it still works reasonably well.
It's not prefectomundo MOTM however but that's a pretty high standard.  Here
are a few of his comments:

1. Better to use an ADC/MPU/SPI design since ADCs are much better today than
10 years ago.
2. Using 78LXX voltage reg for reference is not a good idea.
3. The use of comparators with hysteris leads you down the chatter vs.
accuracy tradeoff that is bypassed if you use the ADC/MPU/DAC design.
4. SPI ADCs and DACs are better choices due to easier layout and frees up
more pins on a PIC.

I think the strongest feature of my design is the PIC and all the scaling
possibilities it allows with a few simple circuit changes.  Couple that with
Paul's recommendations and you have a nice quantizer.

John Speth
Molectron Detector, Inc.
mailto:johns at molectron.com 
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