[sdiy] a little bit OT: Studiomaster Mixing Console

Tony Allgood oakley at techrepairs.freeserve.co.uk
Mon Jun 17 10:26:49 CEST 2002

>There are 4 Aux sends but only 2 returns which are numbered (1-4) and
there are additional returns (A,B) in stereo. I can't figure out which
send belongs to which return (???).

If the desk is configured as a classic or 'live' desk, ie. not in-line
as is the fad nowadays, then there is no set pattern to aux out and
returns. Consider the aux outputs as separate entities which can send
anywhere. The aux (or effects) returns, generally stereo, but not
always, are simply less featured inputs. For example, I use one aux out
to a digital tuner. It has no return path. I use another to feed an
analogue filter. This has one output, that is then fed to a normal
channel input strip. I use the 'aux returns' on my desk as the PC sound
card input and the other as the input from a tape deck. The effects
units themselves use a dedicated stereo input strip.

So in summary. Aux outputs are just another set of mix outputs you can
use for whatever you want. The aux returns are another set of inputs to
main mix bus.

>Another thing is that I'd like to have all 4 Aux sends post-fader
(Perhaps this modification is in the manual)

This may or not be set by jumpers on each channel board. Sometimes there
is a global switch but I don't think a cheap desk such as from
Studiomaster will have this.

BTW: Studiomaster have just been resurrected again. Is this the third
time??. However, I do not think they are supporting any older desks.


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