[sdiy] New Lockbox Synth completed

Scott Bernardi sbernardi at attbi.com
Mon Jun 17 06:19:26 CEST 2002

Neat wiring? I was thinking it looked like a rats' nest myself.
I made the wires long enough so the lid can stand all the way open.  When closed,
they kind of fold in half. I used a lot of cable ties and heat shrink to group
the wires together and tried to thread them up the sides. Any wire that could
have some tension on it I reinforced with heat shrink and the control (had a lot
of problems with wires breaking).  Most of the wires were 24ga stranded.
The front panel is made of the big full sheet Avery labels printed on a color
laser printer. I drilled it from a paper template taped to the front, then
painted the top white and the sides blue, laid down the Avery labels, then
covered it in clear Contact paper. The you gotta cut out all those holes with an
Exacto knife.
I made a couple of boo boos. I drilled the PHONES and OUTPUT holes wrong - they
are revered. Also, I should have put an attenuator pot on one of the VCF CV
inputs. The ADSR's output a peak of 7.5v and that's too much sometimes.  I built
the Joystick Controller (see
http://home.attbi.com/~sbernardi/elec/og2/og3_joystick.html) to remedy that.
It's weird how the panel and wiring usually takes more time than designing the
circuits and stuffing the PCB's.

Batz Goodfortune wrote:

> Y-ellow Scott 'n' all.
> At 09:06 AM 6/16/02 -0700, Scott Bernardi wrote:
> >I just completed a new synth I call the "Lockbox Synth" because I built
> >it into a lockbox for the case.
> This is way cool. Nice one. How did you keep the wiring so neat? Whenever I
> do stuff like this it ends up looking like a rat's nest. With real rats.
> Did you silk screen the front or stick the dial markings on somehow?
> My only suggestion would be to put some handles on the panel at either end
> maybe. The knobs are kinda exposed the way they are. And it's always a
> side-glance that does the damage. But it's a wicked looking synth. Love it.
> I hope you never have to get it through an airport though. They'd have the
> bomb squad there going. "Is it the green wire or the red one? What the fuck?"
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