[sdiy] Wack idea or no?

Kenneth Martinez kmartinez at bency.com
Mon Jun 17 04:24:53 CEST 2002

Peter Grenader wrote:

> ...I had no plans for my specific appplication to interface the software with
> the circuits.  It's just an automated way of documenting a patch...

I've wondered about what would be a good way to store patches, as I'm working on
a preset synth.  I was considering text-based storage (name/value pairs? XML?)
and instead of using arbitrary units as on most of my commercial synths (osc
pitch = "12", filter envelope amount = "23", etc), I wanted to record real-world
values (filter envelope amount = 1/2 octave, envelope 1 attack = 50ms, etc).  Or
maybe I need both real-world values and knob settings; although real-world
values could later be mapped to knob settings if the range, endpoints, etc of
each knob are known.

I also thought an important thing to capture about a patch is to identify the
critical parameters.  I think a lot of sounds could have a good amount of
variance in many parameters and still sound very similar if certain specific
parameters are set accurately - e.g. VCO pitch ratio and linear FM amount are
crucial to duplicating a given sound, while maybe filter cutoff could go up or
down a bit without changing the essense of it.

JB wrote:
> ..Anyway,I was planing a multi-platform development :
> windoze, mac & Linux...

Java, anyone?  ;-)

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