[sdiy] Time for a NEW string - Piezo Switches!!!

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>> Sunday, June 16, 2002, 8:08:31 AM, you wrote:
>> R6> but hey, it was nothing compared to the 'metal bars on metal oil
R6> barrels'
>> R6> industrial percussion we used to do..;-)
>> My usual style is either 8lb sledgehammer on I-beam or metal bars and
>> hammers on computer monitors. (though I rather like cutting them up
>> with a sawzall too.)

R6> heh.. now you're talking! ;-)

Yeah.. : ) My bandmates have been known to refer to me as the "human
wrecking ball" from time to time. You can find a picture of this in
action at:


*note: this behavior has a very high success rate for getting
banned from clubs, especially when I start running around with
homemade flares in the midst of it.

R6>  I find it helps to treat it less like
>> drumming and more like beating the hell out something and smashing it.

R6> yeah, except try to do that at around 130-140 bpm for about 45 minutes...

R6> but hey, this was in the mid 80's...

It can be done easily..just not hitting on every beat. There's way too
much inertia going on for that.  We play more like 155 on some stuff.

"He who wonders discovers that this in itself is a wonder."  -M. C. Escher
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the contagion of mindlessness which destroys innovation."
-Anton LaVey

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