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patchell patchell at silcom.com
Sun Jun 16 23:35:16 CEST 2002

    There are several problems with a PC power supply.  First and
formost, they are pretty noisy.  These are switchers, and while it is
posible to clean them up, you will end up with something almost as big as
a linear by the time you are done.  Second, because they are switchers,
they will have a minimum load, usually on the +5 volts ( which is
generally not very useful for synths).

    They key word you are looking for when purchasing power supplys is
Linear.  They are bigger, heavier and put out a lot less power, but they
are clean and quiet.

    Here is a tutorial I wrote on designing power supplies, which is
probably not what you want...


    ....but you might find something useful there anyway...

Studio 271 Productions wrote:

> Does anyone have any problem with using "excess" (as in "extra")
> computer power supplies in synths? I know they are generally +-12 and
> +5, but if that's all I need is there any real problems with using
> one? The ones I have are pretty high in amperage (>10A), so I know
> they'd be able to power a huge synth on a good day. I'm just worried
> that since they are designed for running intels at 100-300MHz, is it
> a plus or a minus in terms of noise, spikes, etc? Maybe someone could
> just point me in the direction of a nice tutorial on power supplies
> in general because I've got a friend who needs to rewire the mains on
> a transformer in a little D/A Trainer he found. Thanks to all who
> help!
> -Drew

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