[sdiy] Use the Browser as the Interface? Re: James Coplin Re: [AH] Wack idea or no?

Cynthia Webster cynthia.webster at gte.net
Sun Jun 16 23:07:12 CEST 2002

Hi Pete!

Say, an idea might be to get together with James Coplin the guy who just
re-wrote that beautiful Serge Modular Planner website...
(Fabulous Job James)!

How about using the same graphic files he is using, and being able to
configure a database of all the modules from all the companies out there
 (as parts of future upgrades to all of the module brand planners)...

Start with Serge because the complete graphics database exists.
Then add on other brands of modules.  (I'll gladly help with Modcan)

A Modcan Planner, A Buchlq Planner, a Blacet Planner, MOTM, Technosaurus,
Aries, Arrick, all of that...
(Some of these already exist or at least did a few moths ago)?

That way you both have uses for the files and share a common cataloging
system, but for different purposes...  (Perhaps even other uses still)?

This way it could be done platform independent and anyone could configure
modules a certain way, and then ideally eMail the code or the files back and
forth to share patches across the web.

A graphic module purchasing and connectivity interactive database / Language
Perhaps We could All get involved in building the database and sharing in
it's creation?

There is that Knobulator site with lists of every synthesizer knob, and
function, I wonder if it already has lots of individual modules in it?

Maybe it is a wack idea, but it's a neat one!

Best Wishes!


> on 6/16/02 11:27 AM, Peter Grenader at petergrenader at mksound.com wrote:

> OK, i've got modular again.  Almost finished - three modules that I made
> just have to mounted inside the cabinet with I/Os to the faceplate and the
> fat lady sings.  I'll be posting new pictures tonight.
> So, I'm dinkng around again and I'm getting sound events I like and,  I am
> realizing that I must once agian write them down in some sort of hyroglif if
> I am to call them up precisely at a later time.  Oh joy.
> So, I'm thinking...how about a program that allows you to create little
> boxes that represent each module, that you can arrange in a block diagram
> and make lines to interconnect between them.
> Further, it would have to be arranged so that if you clicked on any of the
> boxes, that another screen would pop up with all of the controls and their
> critical settings.
> It would be much like Reaktor's way of showing patches, but each would have
> to be set up for and by the user (each module would have to be assigned for
> any given user's specific synth).
> I think it's a great idea and I want somebody to write it for me, for free!
> anyone?
> anyone?
> OK OK OK...i MIGHT do it myself.  If I do though, it will be Mac based.  I
> think there is a viable product in there somewhere.
> Peoples....give me feedback....is this wack or what?
> Peter

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