[sdiy] a little bit OT: Studiomaster Mixing Console

Fortner Florian florian.fortner at fh-joanneum.at
Sun Jun 16 16:00:20 CEST 2002

Hi list,

Please excuse this (slightly) off topic question, but I don't know anyone
but you guys who can help me with this.

A week ago I bought a Studiomaster Sessionmix console with 24 channels for
180$, there were some broken faders and scratchy pots, but I think it was a
great deal anyway. The bad thing is: I don't have a manual for the mixer and
it seems so different from my previous ones (Behringer...). 

There are 4 Aux sends but only 2 returns which are numbered (1-4) and there
are additional returns (A,B) in stereo. I can't figure out which send
belongs to which return (???). Another thing is that I'd like to have all 4
Aux sends post-fader (Perhaps this modification is in the manual) 

So if someone has the manual (pdf or scanned) or ever had to do with this
kind of mixer, I would be happy to hear from him/her!

Thanks in advance,


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