[sdiy] Time for a NEW string - Piezo Switches!!!

Paul Perry pfperry at melbpc.org.au
Sun Jun 16 15:24:55 CEST 2002

At 02:08 PM 16/06/02 +0200, Rude 66 wrote:

>but hey, it was nothing compared to the 'metal bars on metal oil barrels'
>industrial percussion we used to do..;-)
you shd have used 'spring coil' handles like on welder's scaling hammers,
that they use to chip off the crud around the joint.
But to get back on track, I suspect the piezo switches have a piezo
element that builds up a high electrostatic charge when pressed, that then
turns on a MOSFET swich or similar.
And note that the applications are always relatively short term, like
vending machines.
I havn't seen any pressure sensitive (ie proportional output) piezo
But those 'touch sensitive' light dimmer switches are probably more what 
we need for synth-diy. Electronics Goldmine has one on special at the 
moment (i think - correct me if I'm wrong) but it is the one with a zero-
crossing switch built in, not the general purpose one.

paul perry melb australia

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